Agile Organizations & Passionate People

Our Vision

Organizations “Rockets” collaborate with a Clear Purpose and Direction.

People “Astronauts” work with Passion.

Our Values

Passionate, Learning, Facilitating, Educating, Challenging, Improving

Our Mission

Rockets: We facilitate the Development and Implementation of Agile Strategies for Organisations

Astronauts : We facilitate Executive Leadership Development, and show the Path to Passion in the Job for Leaders

The Rockets & Astronauts Story


Like so many other times, in late 2017 Henrik Drud was traveling back to Hong Kong, Asia from Denmark, Europe after having completed yet another business trip in order to report to the Board of his company, which was headquartered in Denmark.

At the time he was heading the subsidiary, in Hong Kong, as Managing Director, for one of the World’s biggest Food & Beverage companies.

However this time it was different. For long he had been wondering if he could work with his interests on developing Strategies and Leaders in a different way. – He had seen an unmet need in the market for working with agile strategies in a standardized way, at lower costs to organizations. And with people on developing their Work Passion.

Therefore he started to work on his own concept and company, which developed into Rockets and Astronauts.

Rockets and Astronauts is not a name chosen under random circumstances. It is chosen as Henrik thinks of Ambitious Organizations as “Rockets” and its passionate Leaders as “Astronauts”.

Rockets are specialized vehicles requiring specialized skills to operate them – Skills which only Astronauts have. Although this is commonly used as a reference to space travel, Henrik also saw the parallel to the business universe, and so it took off.

This universe Henrik found so interesting that he started to develop this universe and today it sets the framework for how the company operates. We see our clients as Rockets (Organisations) and Astronauts (Employees) and we help our clients to develop their Rockets and their Astronauts.

We have developed our own Proprietary models and processes, which we apply in the collaboration:

“The Rockets Launch Model ©” we apply in our work on Agile Strategies with our Clients.

“The Astronauts Development Model ©” we apply in the work on Leadership Development, when developing the Path to Passion in the Job with Leaders.

We offer our Services to Clients in Asia, Europe and America, where we are present.